Tools of The Trade

It’s nice to know that I have some fans out there. A lot of them have asked me about the tools I use. Particularly for my pencil sketches. So, I thought that I’ll share it here.

Many years back, I started off using assorted regular pencils. These include HB pencils for preliminary outlines, followed by 2B pencils for shading. Smudging is done by thumb and finer details added on lastly using a mechanical pencil.

As I got used to the mechanical pencil (which I use extensively for my comic penciling), I now use the mechanical pencil exclusively for all stages of my portrait art. I am currently using a Sakura XS-127 mechanical pencil with Stabilo 75mm leads (been using these since 2006) and I am very pleased with the results.

Bear in mind that a mechanical pencil may not be suitable for young children learning to draw as they have the tendency to squeeze and press hard their pencils against the paper. This leads to frequent breakage of the pencil lead. A regular pencil would be more ideal for a start.

That’s all for now. Have fun drawing 🙂

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