Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a pen-name?

I have two actually. I use Shah Ibrahim for all my written work and I reserve ‘TheMrFlowerman’ for comic stuff.

Where did these two names came from?

Shah Ibrahim is derived from my lengthy full name. The history of TheMrFlowerman, on the other hand, is rather elaborate. But it’s explained in great detail in my debut graphic novel, Catatan Pengembaraan Seorang Flowerman. Loosely translated as Travel Notes of a Flowerman.

What is your nationality?

I am a Malaysian citizen. Born in Kuala Lumpur when Superman II came out.

Are you doing this full-time?

Not yet. But I am striving towards that.

Did you go through any formal training?

Nope. I am self-taught.

What tools do you use?

Here are the TOOLS OF MY TRADE.

Are your artwork displayed in the portfolio section up for grabs? If so, how do I make a purchase?

For the time being, all featured artwork here are from my personal collection. I have no plans of selling them as of yet.

As an author, do you have plans to release books in English?

Eventually, I hope. But no immediate plans at the moment.

How do I purchase your books?

The details are explained HERE.

Why is your blog not in English?

Since the blog is primarily used to discuss and promote my books (all written in Malay), it makes sense to continue using the same language over there. On the other hand, my art receives a more diverse audience.

Does MrFlowerman Studio publish books by others beside yourself?

At the moment, we don’t have the capacity to publish other people’s work. By ‘We’, I mean ‘Me’.

How do I get in touch with you?

Please use the contact form on the HOMEPAGEAlternatively, I can also be reached through the social media platforms listed on the Homepage.

What are your hobbies?

Apart from writing and drawing, I enjoy reading (comics mostly), gaming (console) and watching films. I tend to wait for stuff to come out on DVD as I hate the hassle of going to the cinema. Aah, the pleasure of sitting alone in the dark in front of my 32-inch flat screen. Bliss!

Favorite movie genre?

I’m a huge horror fan. I don’t care which country the movies came from. As long as they’re scary and feature subtitles. For some reason, zombies have always fascinated me. Maybe because deep down, I feel like one.

Favorite music?

Grunge & heavy metal. Yes, I’m still living in the past.

Favorite color?

Black. Duh!

Favorite food?

Nasi Ayam Goreng (Malaysian dish). It’s basically spicy chicken fried rice, prepared Indian-style.

Favorite drink?

Nescafe Tarik (also a Malaysian specialty). It’s the only coffee blend I like. Not particularly fond of gourmet brands, though. But if someone’s buying, I’m down.

Marvel or DC?

Marvel. Spiderman made me jump into comics (and reading, in general) back in 1990. More specific, The Amazing Spiderman issue #341. To be honest, I’m not quite familiar with the DC universe.

Xbox or PlayStation?

I dig both. I hope that’s OK.

Favorite games?

Dead Rising. Dead Space. Undead Nightmare. Left For Dead. Resident Evil Series.

Authors I admire?

Nazali Noor. Nisah Haron. Neil Gaiman. Andrea Hirata.

Comic artists I admire?

Datuk Lat. Ujang. Aie Sulong. Tang Chi Fai. Mark Bagley. Todd McFarlane. Tony Moore.

Comic series I’m currently reading?

The Walking Dead.

TV shows I’m obsessed with at the moment?

The Walking Dead. Fear The Walking Dead. (See? I wasn’t kidding about Zombies)

What do you hate drawing the most?

Vehicles of any type.

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