Apart from, the following is a list of sites/blogs that have reviewed ‘Catatan Pengembaraan Seorang Flowerman’. If you have stumbled upon others not listed here, or wish to include your own review, please feel free to contact us at mrflowermanstudio[at]gmail[dot]com.

And to the authors/owners of the links listed below, we highly  appreciate your thoughts/comments/suggestions.


1) Blog Dunia Sebelah Zara (15 February 2013):

2) Blog Jom Baca Buku (16 February 2013):

3) Blog Aisyah Humaira’ (18 February 2013):

4) Blog Gadis Kampung Separa Bandar (19 February 2013):

5) Blog De Ef Jay (22 February 2013):

6) Blog Zati Mohd (3 March 2013) (WARNING: SPOILER ALERT!!!):

7) Blog Ain.Ya.Nun.Alif (19 March 2013):

8) Blog Aku & Novel (21 March 2013):

9) Blog Bicara Rasa Sang Bayan (31 May 2013):


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