I am a huge fan of comic books and graphic novels. I hope to publish a few of my own throughout my lifetime. Catatan Pengembaraan Seorang Flowerman is my debut novel released in the Malay language (First printing: December 2012). From writing, penciling, inking, coloring all the way to lettering; I am a one-man-show.

From time-to-time, I also publish non-comic work under the banner of various mainstream Malaysian publishing houses. Budak Meja Belakang (Komrad Buku, 2017) being my first. Followed by Kuantum (Dubook Press, 2017).

Please feel free to browse this site. Critiques, comments and suggestions are very welcome. I hope that you enjoy visiting this site. ‘Like’ Mrflowermanstudio on Facebook for more regular updates.

Thank you.


Shah Ibrahim a.k.a. MrFlowerman



Independent comic publisher

email: mrflowermanstudio[at]gmail.com

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