The Big Reveal

Finalized front cover of Taki & Dira. ISBN 978-967-11611-1-1. Release date: January 2014

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the second book from Mrflowerman Studio.

Now in preparation for print and should be available for purchase beginning January 2014.

The book is complete

A few A3-size inked pages

I am happy to announce that the artwork for this project is now complete. As you can see, the art style is slightly different from my first book,  ‘Catatan Pengembaraan Seorang Flowerman’. To me, a cartoony style suits the storyline of this new book more. Hopefully, I’ve made the right call. Anyway, the next stage is preparing for print. The front cover art is also being finalized. I will share it as soon as it is done (together with the book title). And to those wondering, this book is in English 🙂

Mrflowerman Doodles For Unity




One of its kind in Malaysia, Doodle For Unity is a program jointly organized by SELANGORfm radio station, Muzium Seni Asia Universiti Malaya and also KEMAS Selangor (a kindergarten franchise) in conjunction with Merdeka (Malaysian National Day) Month. Besides identifying new talent, the aim of this program is to promote unity as well as seeing the nation through the eyes of children. On 25th July 2013, approximately 7000 KEMAS kindergarten students from the state of Selangor took part in the event. With the theme ‘I LOVE MALAYSIA’, the participating kids had the opportunity to express their creativity by doodling. From these, the best 30 entries were shortlisted. Then, from across Malaysia, 30 artists were invited to reinterpret the shortlisted entries in their own unique style (i.e. Each artist selects one piece to reproduce).


The Artwork





The above is an image of the original artwork given to me, which was produced by one of the young finalists. At the time of receiving it, I have yet to know the true identity of its owner. For this work, the approach I have chosen was ink-on-paper followed by digital coloring. Shown below are some snapshots of my work.





The following is an image of the completed piece, dubbed ‘Afternoon Delight’ after printing and framing.





The Gallery

Both the original version and reinterpretation of the 30 selected artwork were put on display next to each other (technically, above and below one another) at the Muzium Seni Asia, Universiti Malaya throughout the month of September 2013.









Though already made accessible to public, the press event and opening ceremony for the program was postponed towards late September (21st), where it was officially launched by Radio Televisyen Malaysia’s (RTM) Broadcasting Director-General Dato’ Norhyati Ismail. Both young and mature artists were invited. I was really excited and looking forward to meeting for the first time, the original artist behind my work. To my surprise, I found a shy young girl (dressed in yellow) standing next to my drawing. She was staring at it for quite a while. Hopefully, I did justice to her work. Little miss Danish Ardianah from KEMAS Pandan Jaya kindergarten was accompanied by her elder sister and kindergarten teacher.




For me, meeting miss Danish was the highlight of the event. That, in addition to getting to know some of the other professional artists involved. It’s always great to make new friends. Due to overwhelming response, I was informed that the gallery opening was extended to another month.