Promotional Poster

promotional poster
Title to be unveiled really soon … [stay tuned]

… ‘A lot of good things begin with a dream’ …

Nothing is random in this picture. Everything was purposely placed accordingly and each object holds a story. This piece of artwork was made on Christmas morning exactly two years ago. I remember that day. It was snowing, all stores were closed and I had no place to go. I’ve held this particular piece close to heart as it marked a significant moment in my life. It was at that moment that I had decided to embark on an ‘adventure’ … hopefully, a life-changing one. I was even determined that there will be no turning back.

Two years have passed since then, and I can honestly say that the journey had not been easy. Interestingly, the most exciting part was not knowing where and how it would end.

Upon uploading this piece on Facebook, it raised many questions from friends and family at the time (particularly, from those who did not know that I had passion for art). Unfortunately, I was not yet ready to answer most of those questions as I felt the timing wasn’t right. For reasons that are somewhat painful and embarassing, very few people know the actual story (to these particular individuals [you know who you are], thanks for keeping it a secret!). Now, I am ready to share. As we come closer to the end of 2012, I am proud to announce that my dream will soon become a reality.

Mission accomplished!!!